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Pesticides tend to be low toxic, do not use pesticides, OK?
Keywords:PesticidesDate:2017-7-5Class:Industry news
Abstract:Pesticides tend to be low toxic, do not use pesticides, OK?

Agriculture after so many years of development, has now reached a new level of pesticide has therefore been driven up, now the pesticide pesticide and our traditional impression have greatly different, many people even feel without pesticides.

Since June 1st, the revised regulations on pesticide control have been put into effect. Pesticides are important agricultural inputs, and the use of pesticides is directly related to the quality, safety and ecological environment of agricultural products. What changes will the new pesticide regulations bring to the plantation industry and how should we recognize the pesticide residues?

Sichuan netizens Green Hope: I am a vegetable grower, what are the provisions of the use of pesticides?

Moderator: in the past some farmers in the use of pesticides, unauthorized increase dosage, ultra range of use, and not in accordance with the safe intervals of agricultural products and other issues. New regulations clearly, pesticide users should properly keep the pesticide, and in the dispensing, medication in the process of taking protective measures to avoid pesticide use accidents. The use of pesticides must be strictly in accordance with the scope of use, label use and dose considerations, not use banned pesticides; highly toxic, highly toxic pesticides may not be used for vegetables, fruits, tea, mushroom, Chinese herbal medicine production; of pesticide safety interval labeling, in agricultural products shall be used in accordance with the safety stop before harvest interval requirements. In addition, the state requires the county government to formulate and organize the implementation of the pesticide reduction plan, and give encouragement and support to the implementation of the pesticide reduction plan and the voluntary reduction of the amount of pesticide use.

Liaoning net friend Cheng Cheng: I drive a farm produce shop, manage seed, chemical fertilizer, plan to sell pesticide recently, what regulation is there?

Moderator: the State implements the pesticide business license system, and applies pesticides to the agricultural departments for the pesticide business license. Pesticide operators shall not process or pack pesticides and shall not add any substance to the pesticides. The pesticide operator shall establish a sales ledger to record the names, specifications and quantities of the pesticides sold, and the contents of the production enterprise, the purchaser and the date of sale. The sales ledger shall be kept for more than 2 years. In addition, in the management of sanitary pesticides, sanitary pesticides shall be sold separately with other commodities; if other pesticides are operated, they shall not handle food, edible agricultural products, feed, etc. in the place where the pesticide is operated.

Shandong users wilderness: agricultural production does not use pesticides, OK? Can you avoid pesticide residues?

Moderator: China is a country with more people and less land. It needs weeding, controlling, removing leaves, fruit setting and so on, so as to facilitate mechanized operation. In fact, the higher the degree of agricultural modernization, the greater the use of pesticides, therefore, the use of pesticides in developed countries is generally higher than in developing countries. In the actual production, the use of pesticides because of technology constraints, most pesticides, pesticide residues in crops mainly retained in plants, with the absorption of pesticides will absorb part to plants. Plant pesticide at harvest, after exposed to wind and rain, most have natural degradation and biodegradation.

In order to ensure the safety of agricultural products, pesticide residue standards should be formulated to control pesticide residues in agricultural products in a safe range. There is absolutely no residual idealism, but measures can be taken to reduce pesticide residues and to keep them within the national standard. Therefore, to carry out the integrated pest control, reduce the use of pesticides; correct use of pesticides, reduce pesticide residues; vigorously promote biological pesticide, reduce the use of chemical pesticides, continue to reduce the level of pesticide residues.

Liaoning netizen spring of black land: is the toxicity of pesticide now low? See the news says, somebody mistakenly drinks pesticide, rescue in time also have nothing to do.

Compere: in the traditional impression of people, pesticide harm is great, even "equivalent to" poison. In fact, after years of development, pesticides have undergone 4 stages: low efficiency, high toxicity, high efficiency, high toxicity, high efficiency, low toxicity, high efficiency, low toxicity and low residue. Now, the pesticides used in agricultural production are no longer the traditional pesticides in the past.

The biggest difference is the chemical composition and structure of the past is not the same, the pesticides are mostly chlorine, arsenic and organic phosphorus, it is more for the bionic pesticide, toxicity is greatly reduced; at the same time, the mechanism of pesticide is different, in the past for nerve agents, easily lead to human poisoning, has the effects of pesticide synthesis, energy metabolism of insects right now, the impact on human health is relatively small, and the effect is good, less dosage. At present, the proportion of products containing high toxic pesticides in China is less than 2%, and low toxicity and micro pesticide products exceed 75%.