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Weifang Heyi help you get harvest
Keywords:Technical Product,Intermediate,FormulationDate:2017-7-4Class:Plant Protection
Abstract:Weifang Heyi Agrochemical Co.,Ltd,specializing in pesticide developing,marketing and selling.As a China professional pesticide formulation manufacturer with more than 80 ICAMA and abundant registration data and GLP report.

The promotion of good product cannot do without basic services, Metalaxyl-M + Azoxystrobin 39% SC and Copper Abietate 23% EC  market promotion is very good way to verify.One by one demonstration test, one by one promotion meeting.It is an important measure to develop new markets, and also a very important way for us to achieve our marketing goals.

The following is the case of Eggplant and chili market in Haimen, Nantong,Jiangsu.

Background introduction:

Haimen is located in the southeast of Jiangsu province,local mainly plant eggplant, pepper, tomato and other solanaceae crops and some leafy vegetables.Because of the continuous cropping.In recent years, root rot and verticillium wilt, root rot and soil borne disease caused by a dead seedling rot phenomenon is particularly serious,it cause a large area of vegetable cut production, causing great economic losses to farmers.

In order to control the disease, it also promotes sales and competitiveness of the company's products,enhance customer confidence, establish brand,the promotion team conducted a demonstration test in the area and held a special observation meeting.It is use Metalaxyl-M + Azoxystrobin 39% SC and Copper Abietate 23% EC to prevent and control root rot of dead seedling tree.

In this area,verticillium wilt has been all over the whole shed, the incidence rate of more than 70%, eggplant leaves from bottom to top gradually wilting dry, some plants have been dead.

Test pesticides:Copper Abietate 23% EC+Metalaxyl-M + Azoxystrobin 39% SC+Hymexazol + Thiophanate-methyl 56% WP

Pesticide application method:Copper Abietate 23% EC 30 g , Metalaxyl-M+ Azoxystrobin 39% SC (15g) ,Hymexazol + Thiophanate-methyl 56% WP(15g),add 15L water root irrigation.150-150 ml per plant,increase the usage for diseased plants, interval 7 days irrigate root 2 times.If the disease is serious, irrigate 3 times. After two times irrigate root, the eggplant no longer dies, and the growth is more vigorous.The quality of the fruit is good, the fruit surface is beautiful and lustrous, and the market value is high.

The prevention and control of root rot of dead seedling tree effect, have been recognized by farmers.

Copper Abietate 23% EC,Metalaxyl-M+ Azoxystrobin 39% SC , Hymexazol + Thiophanate-methyl 56% WP can effective control verticillium wilt, and after that these product become local people preferred products.