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    • Product name:Metalaxyl-M + Azoxystrobin 39% SC
    • Product Intro:The highest content of Metalaxyl-M and the best health care properties of Azoxystrobin , two ingredient combined.
    • Product name:Azoxystrbin + Chlorothalonil 560 g/L SC.
    • Product Intro:Protective fungicides,it can effectively isolate and kill bacteria , have a good effect on downy mildew, early blight, stem blight , anthracnose and so on
    • Product name:Dimethomorph + Cymoxanil 25% WP
    • Product Intro:It has strong eradication and treatment effect; it can inhibit metabolism of a variety of pathogens and prevent the release of swimming spores, the formation of hyphae.
    • Product name:Oligosaccharins 2% AS
    • Product Intro:This product can make plants produce phenolic compounds, lignin and other resistant substances, improve disease resistance
    • Product name:Kasugamycin 2% SL
    • Product Intro:Agricultural antibiotics, which have internal suction and treatment effect,the active ingredient is the hydrochloride salt secreted by small golden actinomycetes, by interfering with the amino acid metabolism of the esterase system
    • Product name:Tebuconazole + Iprodione 30%SC
    • Product Intro:High efficiency and wide spectrum, touch and kill,It inhibits protein kinases, inhibits cellular signals that control many cell functions, including a combination of carbohydrates
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